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TreoScope Technologies gets featured by SP&T News - the primary news outlet for the Canadian Security Industry.

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TreoScope empowers our clients to deliver a safer experience for their customers. We bring together advanced data management systems and real-time communication from multiple client locations. We validate the identities of our clients' customers, and we forestall the problematic activities of the troublesome few among them.

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  EnterSafe Referral Partner's Go Global   TreoScope EnterSafe meets local Best Practices Guidelines  
TreoScope's Referral Partner Program was launched in fall of ‘08 and has since set off a huge growth spurt within metropolitan markets across North America. We currently have hundreds of applicants in major cities across North America and even internationally, widening our scope and networking TreoScope users across cities, countries and even continents. Look for a TreoScope Referral Partner in your area soon! To sign up for more information on our Referral Partner Program, click here.
    With escalating violence and underage drinking plaguing entertainment venues in most major cities, many jurisdictions are adopting "Best Practice Guidelines" and creating nightlife associations to help combat these issues and ensure compliance amongst operators. TreoScope EnterSafe is capable of meeting many of the objectives and guidelines within most Best Practices, and is the only company to do so in a privacy sensitive manner.
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  TreoScope Introduces Version 2.0.8   Featured Article: Barwatch is Making City’s Clubs Safer  
  TreoScope EnterSafe systems have received dozens of system updates, four major version upgrades, and thousands of real-time alerts! To say that this product is growing in both functionality and usefulness is an understatement. We will continue to stand behind our product, ensuring our customers remain satisfied with the quality of their EnterSafe Software and the service our staff provides.     Barwatch, a Vancouver alliance of nightclub owners, is standing strong in the face of local gangsters. Nightclubs like being able to display Barwatch stickers. It means the club is adhering to stringent safety standards. Patrons are checked for weapons with metal detectors. "Treoscope" data systems are used to scan ID cards and exclude badsters. Click here to keep reading...